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Liminal Matter

Liminal Matter is a collaboration between Laura Winter (poetry) and Terri Warpinski (photography), and consists of two art book portfolios of broadsides. The pairings in Fences tend to encompass broadly sweeping landscapes, suggesting the futility of political squabbles in relation to the immensity of the natural world. The pairings in Traces tend to focus on the border’s impact on people and the artifacts left behind through the sacrifice of each individual. Juxtaposed against the natural world of scrabble and big sky, the viewer may even consider the pairings as a harbinger of hope that the people will rise up against the politics of their leaders. 

A limited number of portfolios are available through Passages Bookshop.

A textured grey-blue book cover with the title Liminal Matter: Traces

Liminal Matter: Traces


A textured grey book cover with the text Liminal Matter: Fences

Liminal Matter: Fences


A red book cover with the words Laura Winter Cloud Pavilion on it

Cloud Pavilion


Longhouse Publishers and Booksellers, 2021

Coming Here To Be Alone


Mountains and Rivers Press, 2008

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Now Name Them


Bare Bone Books, 2014

Sleeping Leaves


Mountains and Rivers Press, 2002

No Gravy Baby


Paper cover with an abstract art in the middle and the words Skin into Dust above the image.

Skin Into Dust

My first collection of poems about the desert. The chapbook includes prose poems and love songs about the bold landscape – reverence for the tough beauty and hard scale life of eking out a way to live amongst the rocks and spines.


A book cover with geometric patterns and the text Stone Fog Martin J Rosenblum and Laura Winter on it

Stone Fog

10 poems by Martin Rosenblum and 10 poems by Laura Winter. The short collection of my poems that explore form as landscape and uses that form and silence to encourage a reader to hear music in the language.


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